PORTFOLIO - Selected works

a negative of knowledge (2018)
for two clarinetists & LIVE ELECTRONICS

Program notes:
A negative of knowledge is based on a secular song by 15th-century Burgundian composer, Binchois. his song, titled Triste Plaisir, is at moments heavily abstracted but can be heard throughout the work in a countertenor voice.


for flute, harp, Cello & ELECTRONICS


Program Notes:

The point of departure of LOVESONG was a field of exchangeable sonic and physical identities, framed by the uneven relationships in the ensemble. The result -- a landscape of asymmetrical affect -- emerges from this play of presences. 


Video excerpt, last 5 minutes of the piece.

vigília (2016)
for large ensemble


Instrumentation: flute, B-flat clarinet, 2 percussionists, 2 string quartets

Program Notes:

Vigília [Vigil], for large ensemble, is a piece to be watched over. As a sonic object, it is immediately shown in full, only to be taken away—muted, filtered, and broken down into its most basic constituent parts. As the piece wanders silently that initial moment remains present as a promise and an invitation to stay with the work, to listen closely as it strives to heal. Meanwhile, the ear is sensitized to a world of delicate building blocks: movement, friction, and materials.

In Brazil, vigílias are always held through the night when someone passes away. Family and friends will gather and stay with the body until the early morning, when burial rites are normally carried. The experience is one of profound juxtaposition: in the lifeless presence of the dead, animated memories are shared and internalized.


About the piece:

Softened Focus was the result of a pop-up collaboration between me and the toy duo Wind-up Elephant at the Avaloch Farm Music Residency. The work was constructed for detuned toy viola, two toy pianos and live electronics that are triggered the one of the performers mental states.

The video shows an excerpt of the performance.