Running across seven 30-minute cycles on Saturday 7 Sept, O que vos nunca cuidei a dizer (never did I dare to tell you one thing) is a gallery work that touches on issues of modality, transhumanism and cultural archaeology. A creative imagining of a long-lost song, this solo work presents its 20-per-performance audiences with an almost private, carefully facilitated interaction with sound, movement, and lyrical materiality.

This project was funded by InnovING:2030
Know more @ the BIFEM Website

AGO 15


A two-track single featuring the homonymous work for two clarinetists and electronics. As of the release date (15/08/2019) it will gradually become available for streaming in all major streaming platforms and at CD Baby.

David Angelo, clarinet
Shannon Leigh, clarinet
Wee Kiat Chia, prerecorded voice
Murat Çolak, mixing and mastering

The work was recorded at the Deep Dog Studios in Boston


APR 11


Debut of the electronic duo Grimmer with the piece mess | waste for no input mixer, modular synth and live-electronics.

Performers: Aaron Smith and André Mestre




A concert featuring Taiwanese flutist Cheng-Yu Wu.
Premiere of Lovesong, for solo flute and live-electronics

Where: Aula Magna, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia


APR 30


A large-scale work for two clarinets and electronics written as part of my doctoral portfolio at Boston University.

David Angelo and Shannon Leigh
Wee Kiat Chia (pre-recorded voice)

Where: Marsh Chapel at Boston University


Jul 3-14

Composit Festival

This July I will be participating in the Augmented Sound Program at Composit. The festival takes place yearly in Rieti, Italy, and brings together composers, performers and sound artists from all over the world. Peter Ablinger, Pierluigi Billone, and Jean-Louis Fraçois are this year's faculty members.

One of the things that drew me to Composit this year was the chance to explore the city's historic underground - la Rieti Sotterranea. In the city's undergroud, its Roman, medieval, and recent past overlap, and the sound artists we invited to work in that indescribable space. 

Working in collaboration with Alex Ness, the result was "Domanda Benedizione Sonore", an interactive sound installation that dealt in ritualized gesture and heritage. 


Apr 26-May 3


A collaborative project between five Boston University composers and flute virtuoso Cheng-Yu Wu, culminating in the premiere and studio recording of LOVESONG, for flute, harp, cello, and electronics. 

Concert Information
Where: Marsh Chapel (735 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215)
When: May 2, 3:00PM

Guest artists: Maria Ren (harp) and Stephen Marotto (cello)

Apr 15

Etude #2 at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux

Allison Balcetis plays saxophone etude #2, "The Scourging at the Pillar", at the Bordeaux Conservatoire Jacques Thibaud.


Nov 22

Talk, Panel and Workshop @
Art for Cultural Inclusion Symposium

Co-hosted by Arts Connect International and UMass Boston's School of Global Inclusion and Social Development, this innovative symposium showcases the work of ACI's artists, local artists, as well as some of the talent of the UMass Boston community. The event will feature important dialogues and different artistic workshops, all provided myriad local arts leaders, featuring over twenty-five local community partners. The day will include TEDx-Style presentations, panel discussions, artistic workshops across multiple disciplines, community yoga, and an artists' mingle for celebrations of life and inclusion (detail and registration here).

Nov 11

Sound Installation @
Arts & Ideas in Action Symposium

Clarinetist David Angelo and I have prepared a sound installation for the Arts & Ideas in Action Symposium happening at Boston University's School of Visual Arts and Design. The piece made use of Bb clarinet recordings and was diffused through 3 transducers installed in air ducts.

Nov 3-5

A2ru National Conference

Invited by Dr. Susan Conkling, and along with Boston University colleague's Margaret Rowley and Jessica Warren, I will be taking part in the panel "Preparing Future Faculty for New Roles in Arts and Humanities". This year's A2ru conference will take place at University of Colorado, Denver. 

Oct 10

Die Zauberflöte in Hong Kong

Performance by Cheng-Yu Wu as part of the Hypercube + 10 Poems concert, taking place in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center
Works also by: Felipe Pinto d'Aguiar, Lam Lai,  and Tak Cheung Hui.

Sept 25
-Oct 6

Avaloch Farm Residency

I'll be joining violist Carrie Frey and pianist Robert Fleitz on a week-long incubation period at beautiful Avaloch Farm. The three of us will be working on a piece for toy instruments. I can't wait to see where this collaboration leads!

For more on Carrie & Robert's work, check out this newly released CD featuring Grieg and Wurts sonatas.  

Sept 26

Mind Under Matter and Etude n.3 in Edmonton

In an program of all-Brazilian composers, Allison Balcetis and Roger Admiral will give the North American premiere of Mind Under Matter as well as a performance of The Sorrowful Mysteries's Etude n.3 - The Crowning with Thorns, which has been recently revised.

8PM. Convocation Hall, University of Alberta. Edmonton, Canada. 

Aug 6

Chinese Premiere of 'Die Zauberflöte'

By flutist Cheng-Yu Wu as part of the Hypercube project. 
Where: Chartres Dimanche, Shanghai.

Jul 17-30

Wellesley Composers Conference

This summer I'm taking part in the 72nd Composers Conference and Chamber Music Workshop at Wellesley College. "Vigília" a new work for woodwinds, two percussion sets and two string quartets will be premiered by the conference's ensemble.

Jul 16

Die Zauberflöte
for bass flute and electronics

A commission from the Hypercube project, headed by composer Tak Cheung Hui and flutist Cheng-Yu Wu, receives its premiere at the Taipei Philharmonic Cultural Center in Taiwan. 

2:30PM, tickets here

Jul 7

Omaha Under the Radar

Saxophonist and long-time collaborator Allison Balcetis is playing a concert entirely on tenor which includes a performance of Agony in the Garden, the first study of the Sorrowful Mystery series. 

When: 5PM
Where: Strauss Bridge, Joslyn Art Museum
2200 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68102
More information here.

Apr 10

Talk at Bentley University

At the invitation of Dr. Dominique Haughton, Professor of Mathmatical Sciences and Global Studies, I joined Bentley University's Music Analytics Group for an afternoon of Max-MSP, discussing it applications for the classroom, research and artistic performance.

Dec 3-4

Building Inclusive Communities Conference

The Building Inclusive Communities conference, hosted by UMass Boston's School for Global Inclusion and Social Development, brings together leaders across industries and disciplines to foster new strategies for increased inclusion. Our attendees and presenters are policymakers, educators, faith leaders, and entrepreneurs–as well as self-advocates who are making inclusion a reality in underserved populations.

Arts Connect International will be present at the Conference with Marian Brown giving a TED-style talk on Thursday, 11:45AM. The talk will feature the premiere of an ACI documentary which offers the view on the organization's Artist Leaders on Inclusion. Clips from the 2 edition of Curto-Circuito will also be shown during the conference

Nov 18


JACK Quartet presents: BU | CNM Composers

The miraculous JACK comes to Boston for a concert of works by the Boston University Center for New Music composers. The program includes the north american premiere of Corpo Confesso, which was revised earlier this year for the Beijing Modern Music Festival.

Where: TSAI Performance Center (map), 8PM, FREE ADMISSION

Oct 3

Symposium on Art for Social Change at Harvard University
Invited speaker. Part of Arts Connect's Rising Artist Program

This innovative symposium and pop-up artist exhibition will showcase the work of Arts Connect International Artist Leaders; catalyzing conversations on inclusion in our Boston community and beyond. All of ACI's Artist Leaders work as change agents nationally and internationally through his/her art form. This one day symposium is designed to promote cross-sector and multi-disciplinary approaches to building and supporting inclusive environments. Environments where collaboration is paramount, where innovation is innate, and where acceptance and celebration of diversity rests at the core.

Where: Longfellow Hall 319/320. Harvard Graduate School of Education

Aug 14-26

2nd Curto-Circuito de Música Contemporânea

Aug 14: Opening
Aug 15: Guest Lecture and Workshop (EMESP)
Aug 16: Young Composers' Concert (EMESP)
Aug 17: Workshop (UNICAMP)
Aug 18: Young Composers' Concert II (UNICAMP)
Aug 19: Improv Lecture and Lab
Aug 21: Portrait Concert I (Poços de Caldas-MG)*
Aug 22: Residency Starts
Aug 23: Portrait Concert II (Sorocaba-SP)**
Aug 25: Portrait Concert III (São Paulo-SP)**
Aug 26: Lecture-Recital (Tatuí Conservatory)**

premiere of Mente Sob Matéria
** additional performance of Mente Sob Matéria

Jul 5-15

Campos do Jordão Winter Festival

Participation as a composer fellow in Brazil's most traditional classical music festival.

Premiere of Corpo Tangido, Corpo Soprado.
Onde: Sala São Paulo.

May 28

Beijing Modern Music Festival

The award-winning Amber Quartet gives the Asian premiere of the recently revised Corpo Confesso.
Where: Piano Hall, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China.

May 18

"Respostas de uma Arte em Desencanto"

Palestra nos tópicos de semiótica, música contemporânea e transumanismo.
Grupo de Pesquisa de Mídias, Cidades e Práticas Socioculturais. 
Mais informações: aqui.
Onde: Alfiteatro da Biblioteca, Universidade de Sorocaba-UNISO, Sorocaba, Brasil

Apr 21

BU Composers' Concert

Premiere of Wooden String, for fixed media (2014)
Where: CFA Concert Hall, Boston University, Boston-MA

Mar 24

Chris Watford Concert

Premiere of Pange Lingua, for solo amplified bassoon
Where: CFA Concert Hall, Boston University, Boston

Feb 4

JACK Quartet Concert

Premiere of µ (2015)
Where: Tsai Performance Arts Center, Boston-MA

Dec 13

Premiere of 'Diagonal Spare, Vetical Time'

As part of the Deux Ex Machina Concert
Where: Marshall Room

Aug 11-15

Curto-Circuito Internacional de Saxofone Brasil/Canadá

O Curto-Circuito Internacional de Saxofone Brasil/Canadá compreende uma série de masterclasses, workshops e concertos com a solista Allison Balcetis, da Universidade de Alberta, do Canadá. Aclamada pelo seu envolvimento com o repertório contemporâneo, Allison traz ao Brasil uma seleção de obras inéditas em solo nacional, explorando os limites técnicos de seu instrumento e as mais variadas possibilidades artísticas e tecnológicas.

Para mais informações e a agenda completa do evento, por favor visite nossa página oficial. 

July 14

Composers' Meeting 

As part of the Curto Circuito Internacional de Saxofone Brasil-Canadá and it's Composition Workshop, there will be a meeting with the participants in Campinas-SP to discuss the ongoing works.

Where: NICS, conference room - State University of Campinas

Jun 12

With Bated Breath: Expectations and Motivations in Music Performance from Both Sides of the Music Stand

Meet in 12 WAVERLY PLACE room G08 
Dr. Allison Balcetis, University of Alberta, Canada with Amy Krosch, NYU 

Music meets neuroscience. The other Dr. Balcetis will perform on saxophone works of new music by composer André Mestre, accompanied by EEG technology. She will lead a discussion on how expectations and motivations of both the performer and the audience change our experience of music. Amy Krosch (just featured The Colbert Report) will share with us what is happening in the brain that changes the sounds that we are hearing.

Performances of:
- Mind Over Matter
The Sorrowful Mysteries

May 26
-Apr 7

Soundstreams Emerging Composer Workshop

With mentors Ye Xiaogang and Juliet Palmer. Working with the Cecilia String Quartet during a period of 11 days in Toronto.

Performance of:
- Corpo Confesso

Mar 22

Edmontonian premiere of The Sorrowful Mysteries etudes I, II and III

The premiere took place during the 'Now Hear This', Edmonton's premiere new music festival. The concert was the debut of the Violet Collective, an ensemble devoted to the performance of new and adventurous. 

The Sorrowful Mysteries - André Mestre
Strata - Colin Labadie
Jeu de Téléphone - Paul Steenhuisen
Ghost - Raimundo Gonzalez
Transformation No. 3 - Shawn Pinchbeck

Performer: Allison Balcetis
Where: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037 - 84th Avenue

March 4

Final Concert - Land's End Composers' Competition

The work "Narrow is the Road" received its premiere by the Calgary-based, Juno Award-winning, Land's End Ensemble. The public concert was part of their annual new music competition. 

The programme also contained works by Thomas Weideman and Carmen Braden.
*Narrow is the Road received the 2nd Place Award

Where: Rozsa Centre, Calgary-AB