André Mestre is a Brazilian composer and sound artist based in Chile where he serves as Assistant Professor of Acoustics and coordinator of the Transdisciplinary Group of Technology and Sound Art at Universidad Austral. His works are generally conceived for small instrumental configurations and electronic media. Among the themes that generally emerge from his works are the intimacy of performative situations, modern intertextuality, and the tension between actual and virtual bodies.

Mestre’s music has been programmed across the Americas but has also found the stage in Europe and Asia. His works have been featured in multiple festivals devoted to adventurous music, such as Composit (Italy 2017), Wellesley’s Composers Conference (USA 2016), Beijing Modern (China 2015), Campos do Jordão (Brazil, 2015), Soundstreams (Canada 2014), SALT (Canada 2013) and soundSCAPE (Italy, 2012). In the fall of 2013 he was a composer-in-residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Over the years, Mestre has collaborated closely with some of the most exciting performers of new music, particularly saxophonist Allison Balcetis (US-Canada) and flutist Cheng-Yu Wu (Taiwan).

He has appeared as a panelist in the conference Art for Social Inclusion at Harvard University in 2015 and at the a2ru Conference in at CU Denver in 2016. He is a recipient of a Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award by the City of Edmonton and is the co-founder and the artistic director of Curto-Circuito, a pedagogical program and concert series dedicated to championing the music of young Brazilian artists. He holds a doctorate from Boston University. 

Contact: andre.rabello @ uach . cl

Research interests

new music semiotics//
Charles Sanders Peirce//
practice-based research//
para-artistic practices//